Aloha Zen is 100% off the grid . .

Passionate creatives Damion 'Aloha' Fuller and his wife Fern 'Zen' Levack live on a rambling farm quite close to an excellent point break on Australia's mystical north coast of NSW.
Here they run a studio where they create ceramics, paintings, books and surfboards. They are passionate storytellers, celebrating surfings landscapes, eccentric characters, revolutionary eras & coastal eco politics. Their works have been celebrated in multiple exhibitions and publications across the surfing universe. 
Aloha Zen has been in existence since 2010, their farm is powered by solar and rainwater and is 100% off the grid. Fern & Damion are proud to work with some of the most beautiful & iconic surf and resort retailers around the globe who share a philosophy of handmade luxury created with a minimal footprint.